[e-BOOK] Digital Marketing For Small Businesses

taught by Rod Potter
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Rod Potter
Rod Potter

About the instructor

For small businesses, digital marketing can quickly become overwhelming. 

There are so many opportunities there for your business to exploit, but just how do you actually go about taking advantage of them and fitting them all into your schedule? 

Which digital marketing strategies should you be using, and how do you go about implementing them successfully? What about tracking the results of your campaigns?

If you are feeling more than a little weighed down and confused by digital marketing, you’re certainly not alone. Thousands of small business owners just like yourself are feeling overwhelmed and confused; so they aren’t achieving the results they would like from their efforts.

Despite the opportunities digital marketing provides to small businesses, many choose not to use it at all; and those who have tried it felt that their efforts were a waste of time and just not effective.

If digital marketing is making your head spin, we’ve put together a useful list of ten ways you can overcome digital marketing overwhelm and start working towards using it to your advantage.

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