[VIDEO COURSE & MORE] Generation Z and What It Means To Your Marketing

taught by Barb Johnson
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Barb Johnson
Barb Johnson
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Generation Z and What it Means for Your Marketing

If you aren't currently tailoring your marketing efforts with Generation Z in mind you are making a mistake. By 2020 Generation Z will make up half of the consumer base in the global market.

Trends point to a younger generation that is more ambitious and eager to prove themselves and they are as socially aware as they are tech savvy. They have been raised their entire life with electronic gadgets and that has made Generation Z fundamentally different than the generation of their parents.

One thing that stands out the most when analyzing this generation is their slant towards individualism. In general, they do not try and be something that they are not because genuine uniqueness is valued by Gen Z. What this means for you is that an attempt at emulating trends will come off as fake and phony and will likely be rejected.

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