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Step by step course to master LinkedIn to generate leads and business! | taught by Rod Potter

Course description

Rod Potter
Rod Potter

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Course Curriculum

(VIDEOS) MODULE #1- How To Become A Linkedin Allstar In 30 Days Or Less!
1- Welcome to World Class LinkedIn
2- LinkedIn Why Should I Use It
3- The true importance of your LinkedIn profile
4- Profile overview- Things you need to know before getting started
5 The most important areas of your profile
6- The what and why of background profile pictures
7-Why your profile picture is super important
8- How to create a GREAT background profile image
9- What is a LinkedIn Allstar and why does it matter
10- Strategies to a great profile headline
11- How to get UNLIMITED profile searches
12 Why 1st Connections are so important
13- How to add video or other files to your profile
14 Profile secrets to give you an unfair advantage
15- How To Unfollow or Disconnect with a connection
16 Getting real about company and showcase pages
17- The ROI of LinkedIn
18- Things you need to know about LinkedIn Ads
19- How To Censor Your Competitors
20- How to manage your LinkedIn privacy settings
21- Ranking On Google and Your LinkedIn URL
22- How To Rank Your Profile In The Top 5 Search Results
23- Classroom Scott Francis Standing Out
24- Classroom Story How To Get Leads and Sales
25- Classroom Scott Francis Funny story about committment
(VIDEOS) MODULE #2- How To Build A World Class Network
1 How To Create Your Email Database
2 Simple tricks to build more connections
3 How to build your connections through comments
4 All about first connections
5 How to build your connections through in person
6 Connections building by using groups
7 How to build your connections with your email address
8 How and why to join groups
9 Free apps to automate your LinkedIn
10 How to use the LinkedIn APP to get new connections
11 How to become a LION
12 Benefits of owning your own group
13 Free tools available to help you build your connections
14 How to grow your group membership
15 Things you should never do when it comes to postings
16 Successful posts
17 Get maximum post views by using this new technique
18 Posts that have generated a huge number of views and activity
19 How to export all of connections contact info
20 An awesome trick to gain massive exposure
21 Classroom- Rod talking about endorsements
22 How and why you do recommendations
23 How to get recommendations while building new connections
24 Drive tons of traffic to your profile by using giveaways
25 Generating new business and a free way to get WVYP leads
26 How to create active links in your profile contact section
27 How to find out how many connections you have
28 How to generate new leads by tapping into anniversaries
29 Strategies to explode your network
30 Generating new leads by creating a micro course
31 Using splashpages with LinkedIn
32 The power of joining 50 groups
33 What to do now that LinkedIn groups are private
34 How to set up your group
35 Student Case Study: Ken Lacy
36 SUPER SECRET How to send your post to 50 groups in 50 seconds
37 SUPER SECRET NEW FORMULA- How to quickly send invitations out for new 1st connections
38 SUPER SECRET NEW FORMULA- How to quickly send invitations out for new group members
(VIDEOS) MODULE #3- I Have Built My Network, Now What Do I Do?
1 What were covering and what you need to know about module 3
2 Automatic LinkedIn exposure techniques
3 How discussions can help you get more customers
4 How to create a Linkedin pulse article
5 The BEST time of the day to post
6 How to find content to post
7 Exposure- Spreading out your connections
8 What is meme and why is it important
9 How comments and likes can take you to the next level
10 Connecting with the movers and shakers
11 What to do when you are being moderated in a group
12 Posting ideas for maximum exposure
13 Little changes can mean BIG RESULTS
14 How asking questions can get you BIG exposure
15 How to re-order your groups to success
16 Other things you can do to get more exposure
17 Additonal tricks to get more new connections
18 Become more successful by recognizing others
19 Get seen by asking questions
20 How thanking others can you massive exposure
21 A special technique to getting more company page followers
22 Ways to entertain others and get more exposure
23 Awesome followup techniques that build great relationships
24 Advanced search- how to get targeted connections and results
25 Generating leads- simple follow techniques for your new connections
26 The actual process of generating leads
27 The diagram flow of new leads
28 A simple trick to build your email list & not get hurt
29 How to get FREE LinkedIn ads
30 How to use your contact info to generate new leads
31 How to take online connections to offline business
32 The power of Linkedin email marketing
33 How to send emails out to entire group
34 How to email 2nd level connections
35 Linkedin Email- Emails That Generate New Leads
36 How to write effective emails that get results
37 The LinkedIn CRM- how to manage all of your relationships for FREE using this little known solution
(DOWNLOAD FILES) Infinite Posts - Over 1 Million Articles You Can Use To Post On LinkedIn
Downloads: Infinite LinkedIn Content
(TOOLS) Sales And Lead Generation Tools
300 Best Email Subject Lines Of All
202 Social Media Marketing Tips e-Book
100 Greatest Sales Letters
List Building Training 2.0
(TOOLS) LInkedIn Automation Tools
Connection Targeting- (Boolean Advanced Search tool)
Perfect Connections Tool
LinkedIn Profile Success Tool
LinkedIn Media Exposure Tool
LinkedIn Recommendations Success Tool
(EMAIL TEMPLATES) Email "Time Saver" Cut & Paste Template Tools
Time Saver" Cut & Paste" Email Templates
(AD CREATION MODULE) LinkedIn Ad's Made Easy!
WCL LinkedIn Ads Made Easy Training Guide
LinkedIn Ads Cheat Sheet
Linkedin Ad's Mind Map
List Building Guide
List Building Cheat Sheet
(TOOL) Perfect Background Profile Picture Template
(TOOL)- Perfect Background Profile Picture Template
How to create a GREAT background profile image for FREE
158 Hi Resolution Profile Background Pictures